Watches with special pointers

Axe pointers/ snowflakes pointers -Tudor Heritage Black Bay 79220R
When we mention the watch pointers appearance, the special pointers of the Tudor, I think it is closer to the axe, but name of the snowflakes pointers are more elegant. This design comes from the 1960 s, is the one big characteristic of Tudor brand, and it has been very influential at the time, which has been maintaining until now. in the year of 2012, the Tudor saluted to classic, and once again launched the Heritage Black Bay series watch, and the red diving bezel and the snowflakes pointer became a hot highlight and was popular and favorite among the watches fans. The official quotation of the watch is RMB 26,500 Yuan.

Mercedes pointers – rolex Submariner series 116610 ln

From 1953 when the rolex launched the diving watches (Submariner series) for the first time, we can already see the pointer modelling form such as Benz icon, of course, this name is the watches fans nickname. This design is actually a deformation of a snake eyes pointer, and it is using in the diving watches, matching with dot time scale very well. This design also became rolex classic and feature, is now widely used in many series of Rolex watches. To say the most classic watch series, certainly it is still in use in the Submariner watch, and can see it in the well-known Submariner watches such as green ghost, black ghost etc. And the official price of the rolex Submariner series 116610 ln is RMB 65900 yuan. But you can save more if you make your purchase from the replica watch store especially during the holiday or festival discount sale.

Today, it is not difficult to buy a watch, but not so easy to find a unique watch with special design at the affordable price, and these two watches mentioned above can be a great consideration for your watches buying.


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