How to Choose Diving Watches?

Today, buying a watch just to look at the time, so it can be too much luxury. Watch is not just simple as timing tool, is also one of the few men decorations. Choosing a watch suitable for their own, in particular, can not only show their own image, also can present a different unique taste. Let oneself whether at work or in daily life can be full of confidence.

When buying watch, some people will tend to choose the Omega brand, here, for the Omega, I will recommend the Omega Planet Ocean for you.

Omega launched the Planet Ocean watch series in 2005, with the main diving function, and it is a professional level of diving watch. In 2011, omega for Planet Ocean series again upgraded, and the depth of waterproof reached 600 m, while also it is using coaxial movement and silicon material balance spring which made the time walking of the watch more precise. Although it is a diving watch, when wearing it to attend any occasion it completely won’t appear abrupt, and it is a joker’s watch. Although it has the calendar function like the Rolex Submariner, there are two small dials, respectively are 60 minutes timing and 12 hour timing function. Readability of the time is more intuitive and convenient. And this is the very best absorption orange color, which is the most suitable to wear a T-shirt with shorts in summer.

Yes, when mentioned the diving watches in the summer days, how can we ignore the Rolex Submariner watch, as it is the king of the diving watches and it enjoys great reputation in the field of the watch industry. It is a rugged and manly sport watch choice for people who want to show your charm and confidence on the beach or at work.


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