High Quality Replica Watches-Patek Philippe 5396G-011

As the only dependent management watch maker, Patek Philippe, sticking to the production of the best chronograph in the world and owing to its long history and exquisite techniques, firmly take the lead in the watch industry. The complication watches and super complication watches are considered the best of bests, and then the Calatrava crossing become the symbol of it. Now let’s have a look at Patek Philippe, the real blue blood. Now let’s have a close look at the Patek Philippe 5396G-011.

Patek Philippe 5396G-011 is an automatic winding watch with its 38 mm width of bezel, a little small size that fits for small wrists. Its round case is made of 18k platinum and the glaring metal shows the its perfect polishing skill and style in designing. The white dial and time index gives us a strong stereo perception.

As high quality replica watches, Patek Philippe 5396G-011 not only has a perfect appearance , but also are fitted with complicated functions. It can not only display date, week and month, moon phase and second time zone are also applied to it. Patek Philippe 5396G-011 display its time at 6 o’clock and white Arabic number becomes clear to be read under the black background. Day and time is display through apertures at the 12 o’clock where left displays week and right month. Both of them are marked with black abbreviated letters and are easier to be read,

Moon phase and 24 hour dial are displayed through one dial. Moon phase is critical and necessary to the navigation persons to learn more about tide, and to the normal people the ebb and flow of moon is clearly presented on a small dial and lead us to a more direct feel of it. 24 hours display make it possible for us to tell whether it is daytime or nighttime.


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